Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the YeaR-Fun Things!

As some of youknow this year I fell into a position of being a personal assistant to Tangie Baxter.  This is a wild and outrageously fun job to have.  If you have ever had an experience of Tangie Baxter you will know the enthusiasm she has for creating and the energy she exudes is beyond belief!  I seriously spend most of my time, collecting her thoughts and ideas and organizing so she can draw from them.  Tangie is also a big believer in giving things.  She has this amazing series of kits called Field Notes, and has done the original and then II and III a fall and winter version.
These are remarkable kits and truly can be used for nature or art journaling (digi style).  As a home school mom in the day and digi scrapper at night, having both worlds collide is beyond fun.
I have done layouts of science experiments, layouts of school of my children making their own nature journals and I was able this month to make a desk top!  I love it so much, and Tangie has allowed me to make it available FREE to you! Just go to her Team Blog and click the DOWNLOAD LINK! It is made from her newest addition to the Field Notes, number III {Winter}.
The download does not have my schedule on it, but a blank calendar for you to fill in and personalize!  I hope you enjoy and I hope this year is filled with joy and new experiences!

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