Sunday, December 5, 2010

Altered ARTspirations?

I seriously have felt like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest this past few weeks!  I am so busy, and loving EVERY minute of it!! I am so enjoying the creative processes of Tangie Baxter!  This woman is a machine!  I have been watching from the other side as she pours her heart and very being into making the 2010 Art Journal Caravan the best it can be, while.....................
She hammers out how to make it better and more fabulous for the Expedition 2011! 
Okay, so that is going on, and it is the beginning of the month, and that means she hosts Altered ARTspiration at Scrap Book Graphics (SBG).  She blows the top off in wow for the month!! Gothic Arches {Christmas Style}!!
I love it!!  Plus she has these way cool templates that are free here!
As soon as I saw them, I had this thought in my head.  I struggle sometimes getting the thought from my noggin to the computer and warped up into match enough that my brain lets go and says okay!  I did it today! I spent most of the afternoon listening to football (bad day for it, my team and hubby's got whooped bad), but I had a streak of creativity flowing!! I made this card:

As Christmas approaches, I look at the blessings of my life in the creative realm. I am in a place that I couldnever have dreamed to happen. I am helping a woman whom I love her spirit, her creativity and ability to bring out the desire to make dreams of art come true. The whispers of creating become loud.

I used Tangie Baxter's
Alice's Winter Wonderland 


RachNess said...

ooh that is one very artsy card! Beautiful!

Julie (It is.) said...

I'm so happy for you!