Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rain is here for a bit!

I am not a fan of rain.  I enjoy the sunshine, blue skies and warmth that surrounds me.  Rain and gray are a bit depressing.  I can usually go a few days, and after that I have to fight the pressure of the gloom that rainy days produce.  I have yellow walls in my dining room and where my computer area resides.  We are expecting about 10 days of the wet stuff, and just finished about 3 days of it, with a short respite of one blue glorious day!  During the last rain, I fought back with art!  Since we had gray to inspire us, we did rainy days inside, but with laughter from my kids.
We are using a nifty curriculum for Art that was passed down to us from another homeschooling family.
Atelier, ( Each module includes 1 DVD  with detailed lesson plans.) We watch the lesson, it is a nice lady and a class of 8 children. She talks about the work we are going to do, asking questions of how and what you would do in the situation. What do you see when kind of questions.  Then explains how to do the particular lesson.  There are fun little extras to do.  Splattering paint! Oh what fun!  She then shows the kids actually doing their own pages.  This helps my kids to see how they do it!
We got a whole bunch of tempera paints, and this was the day to use them!
I loved how each one of my children had a different view of what they were going to do!  They really had fun with the paints!
The intensity that Eric had was a joy to see.  It so helps when the "Older Brother" does it too!  He helps me with keeping a good attitude! YEAH on him!!

This is AnnaBo, doing the nifty splatter technique, it was hard for me to watch her do it, as she is left handed and it looked awkward.  But she did it splendidly!
Next we cut out silhouettes to attach to our rainy paper!  This was the tough one, we couldn't use a pencil, just the paper and scissors.  This was frustrating, but we laughed and muddled through it.
This was a tough one for Anna, again the left handed and scissors, but she did so good! 
Then we proved that patience and art are not our forte'! Waiting for paper to dry, bha!  We just got out the Elmer's and attached the cut outs.
Again, each had different perspective and some stood while finishing their page.

We were rather proud of ourselves, finishing and pressing in to do even the parts that were hard.
Tada, the final product hanging in the hall on our ART strings!

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