Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Piano Arrives

Okay, this was the deal, The Acting Co. here in Yuba City was having a play.   Someone gave them a piano for a prop, on the request that it didn't come back to them.  Give it away.  Our piano teacher, knew we were looking for a piano and free was the price we had planned.  
The kicker was, the last showing of play would be over at 4pm on Sunday afternoon.  The piano had to be picked up in the window of 4:15pm to 5pm.  We have an evening service and prayer is at 5pm.  I could feel stress in my tummy.  Tony says, "Don't worry, I have it under control."  I believed him and let it go! 
Tony called Leeland, a man that comes now and again to church (Lisa's son) and he explained, it was not a trick to get him to church, but Tony needed help.  Would he mind coming and due to time constraints mind coming to church also?  Leeland said yes! Tony rented a U-Haul with a ramp.
The crazy part is we had just had a week of rain, non-stop California winter rain.  Tony said, he prayed, God, I can not move this piano in the rain, I need a window of no rain.  It stopped raining after morning service and got windy. Wind means the ground dries up faster.  

Down came the piano, excitement and anticipation!  Tony in another life long ago was a furniture mover and he is real smart on how to get things in and how to do it without killing yourself. 
They had to bring it up two steps and through the hall and then swing it around thur our kitchen/dining area~
Our living room the home to the piano, was a garage and is now the living room, it has two pretty deep steps down.  Tony is evaluating how this is going to happen!  It was some heavy muscle work, and we were so excited to see the piano in it's new home:
 It has some life wear on it, but it cleaned up really nice and the piano teach brought a bench the next day! It is beautiful and has lovely tone!  I sat and began doing Susan Mammen's piano class! The girls and I are gonna do it together!
So, we then rushed to the church, picking up folks and changing and all! We got there in time, had a fun service and we treated to Taco Bell!  It was so much fun, Lisa and Leeland, Anna Louise and us chowing down on tacos!  The best part is the altar call:

Leeland rededicates his life to Jesus, and his mom is praying right next to him.  This is why we are here.  God gives us the desires of our hearts, a piano for my home, and souls that cry out for Jesus!

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Patti said...

oh yay! so blessed to see you be blessed! and the altar call- what a beautiful picture:)