Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Morning!!

It is the last day of the year!  I am so excited! Going to head up to Oroville for some laughter and fellowship with friends!  Not a late evening, just a few hours!  I wanted to share Christmas morning with you.
It is 5:43 AM.  Tony and I are up.  What is wrong with this picture? My children are not up! We stomp around the house and finally they awake! 
The look of wonder as they march in the living room!!

This picture of Eric just grabs my heart, how grown up he is to me now.  Funny how you don't see it day to day, then I upload a photo and I stare at my children, and how fast they are growing up. 
Okay, I have to tell of a gift from Abby, it totally caught me unaware.  I knew she bought it at the 99cent store and it was flat, but I did not know what it was.  I opened it and burst into laughter:

What is it, I could not stop laughing!  I am so glad Tony had the camera! I got laughing and then Abby joined in:
It is a calendar of yoga poses, but not just regular yoga poses, poses done by dogs!
The kids complete baffled Tony with this gift! It was arrows! The kids and Tony do archery every week, and it is a great thing, and having your own arrows is a good thing! 
Anna loved the Ripstick, and hey her arms should be strong now, after breaking them so many times? Right?? right?!
 Eric was just so thrilled to have a tool box of his very own, and spent the morning getting everything arranged just right! 
 Gabriel, was just so thrilled Christmas had come and so surprised at the bike I think I will always remember his astonishment and joy!
After breakfast, we broke open Abby's Karaoke machine!
More on the happenings and playing with Christmas gifts later!  I need breakfast now! 

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Pressed Petals said...

love, love these!!! so wish we had batteries for christmas. anyway, can we get a close up of that neat looking red art above your couch? love the girls matching clothes! Merry Christmas my friend...miss you and sitting at your house.