Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get out the contact paper! And other fun things!

I love the price; $1 at the Dollar Store where everything is guess??? YEPPERS!!! ONE dollar!!
We finished our Plant section of Biology this week, and that meant going over trees, and leaves and different types of trees.  Coniferous and Broadleaved.  We went on a leaf picking adventure, then "classified" and stuck them to the contact paper!  I am telling you this stuff is just fun!!  Kid friendly and mom enjoyable.
Anna taking careful inventory of her leaves.
Gabriel says he doesn't enjoy Science, but I watch him get into these hands on things and think he likes it more than he is letting on.
Here is Abby, and I have to tell you I was amazed at how many different leaves there were just in our yard! I love California!!
We now take a quick chicken break:
Last Wednesday, the sun was out! We are in the middle of California winter.  Cold and rainy, but every few days we get this glorious shiny blue skies and air that is so clear that I have to be outside in it, especially knowing that ol' storm is headed our way the next few days!!
Our landlord is a Walnut farmer.  He brings us this huge paper sack of cracked walnuts every year.  The first year we cracked them that day, so happy for walnuts.  The second year (last year) we were in home school and life was just hectic, so they sat in the bag in a corner of our dining room.  Then these tiny white worms began to show up on my ceiling.  I was infested! The walnuts!! Oh boy, oh boy, I scrubbed and scrubbed, and even wound up painting the walls!  My landlord laughed and laughed (and paid for the paint!). So when the bag arrived this year, out on the porch they went:
The were attacked by our chickens who devoured a bit, and rained on, but they were NOT coming in my house!!  Since it was sunny, the girls and I sat down for an afternoon of giggles and shelling of walnuts!  It was a blast:
We also have bible studies on Wednesday and it was our Lisa's birthday.  She is so much like family and the kids really love her. The each made cards for her and gave her before the study started:
As you know, Eric is in Guitar lessons,and is doing pretty good.  He had done song service for us in the past, but had a hard time with the songs and all.  He is really has improved so much.  Poor Tony, he had to clap!
Eric did great! I was just the proud momma! After the study, we had a cake for Lisa, and Anna was so excited to carry the burning cake!
She had to come down two steps, and you can see her little face, a bit apprehensive, but it went perfect and without a hitch!
We sang off key Happy Birthday in a traditional way, and Lisa blew all 46 candles out! I was surprized that Anna didn't get sunburn from the candles. Yeah, she is on the verge of the late 40's! bha ha ha ha 

okay okay, it wasn't 46 candles, it was just 20, but it was a bonfire I tell you!

It's Sunday afternoon, and my honey and Lisa's son (Leland) are picking up our free piano! Eric's guitar teacher also does piano, and found this one for us!! It is a prop for a play and the last showing is today, so it has to be picked up at 4:15!  We have not even seen it! I am so excited!! I don't even know if it has a bench or what color it is.  The teacher said it is nice and a spinet!?? I will take pics and share tomorrow!

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Pressed Petals said...

what a great post! love the pics of lisa. puts a face to my prayers. can't believe you guys have been gone that long already.