Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guestures! It is fantabulous!

This is a awesome game!! We played it over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I tell you I laughed so hard!  We played it at first with two teams, but it was not as fun.  So we tweaked the rules a bit.  Everyone plays against everyone else.  If someone guesses your word, then they get a point and so do you!  It is important to be honest, and have a good score keeper!
Picking the right cards in the right order is important!!  Gabriel is very intense about his word choices.
Our Anna is just hilarious! She gets me everytime! She so knows that we should all get what she is thinking, and I get laughing as she continues her gesture.  It is really funny how often Abby guesses Anna's words.
This is my surprise actor!  Eric really gets into the words.  He will lay on the ground and be an alligator for a chance for points!
I have to admit, I just love to watch my kids do this game!  They played the next evening and Tony and I just sat and watched them! It is so entertaining!  They are beginning to memorize the card now!
I know why Eric is not shy to play, as his Dad get into the moment too:
Tony is just as fun, but our brains have shared so many things over the past 20 years, that I can guess his so quickly.  I like to let the kids see him in action!
It is Abby and she is roaring!  I bet you all guessed that at home?  I will tell her she gets more points!  She will like that!

The boys enjoy these games, and you can see me in the background, but I love this shot of the boys side by side:

Okay, to be fair, I have been known to get into the game also:
Thank you for poppin' by the ol' home for an evening of laughter, if you could just stop for a minute and pray for a boy named Jared.  He is having surgery tomorrow and well, I am here and he and his mom are there, far away, and all I can do is pray.  I so hope you will pray for him and his family. Thank you!

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Pressed Petals said...

Fun times! So nice that your kids play games. Ours shrink at the mention of games.

Jared goes in for surgery next Friday the 10th. But thanks for your prayers. He is as fearful.