Friday, October 8, 2010

What a Week - Recap

Monday, we officially joined the NaNoWriMo, and the first task is to bury the inner editor, get rid of it, stop it from stopping you.  We colored fun little papers of "our inner editors" and then we buried them...Really!!
The idea is that you just write and write without worrying about spelling or grammar.  The inner editor makes you want to erase and redo, wasting precious creating time.  The kids were not real sure about it, but we had fun!

The kids went to Archery with Tony, and that is a real nice time for me, as it is the only time, that no one is asking me questions, and I have silence in the house.  I have almost 2 hours.  I am spoiled and it really helps my brain alot!!
Tuesday- The NaNOWriMo has invaded our school!! I taught a computer class today to all 4! Eric on my computer, Anna on the kid's puter, Abby on the school's laptop, and Gabe on my laptop.  I had set up gmail accounts for each of them.  They learned how to do their home pages and open email.  Then late afternoon, our friends that Pastor in Oroville were in town, so we met to babble at Starbucks and I had a Iced Chai! Beyond marvelous!!! Then, we splurged and had Wendy's for dinner!!  Needless to say, sleep came hard that night!!

Wednesday- My favorite day of the week, because we have bible studies.  We also started a new Science for my younger 3, called Christian Kids do Biology.  I was having a real problem finding Science that was going to teach Science not just theories.  I want them to know the theories, but know that they are theories. 
I enjoy this one, and it is set up for 2 days a week, perfect for our schedule!!  I like the author (homeschool mom) and she does real things that the kids seem to enjoy.  We read it together and do the concepts.  The beginning is a bit dry, but I read ahead and it looks perfect.
 By Wednesday, I am usually brain tired, so I took a small power nap, when I woke up there was this package waiting for me!!
From HONG KONG!! From Fhung!! I won a necklace from her!! I was so excited, I had to look at the stamps and all the fun parts.  Front and Back:

Isn't that cool? The green part is a custom's tag.  This package was a few days ago in Hong Kong!! oh but the best was inside:
A handmade necklace from Fhung and a magnet, which I think has her cute little face and the box!! She made the box!! It is delightful!! I am spoiled by her!! So everyone, go now and buy something from her Ztamph studio @ SBG!.

Thursday morning, cold and dark.  I was up way early, so thought I would get my beans cooking in the crock pot, I also had a small pork roast I wanted to put in the little crock pot.  (see, homeschooling takes my brain and by Thursday, the easiest dinner needs to happen).  I went into the laundry room to get the two crock pots.  I got the big one and the cord seemed tangled, so I pulled.  Wrong cord.  I pulled the cord to the deep fryer.  The one filled with oil. 
I wanted to sit down and cry.  I wanted to go back to bed.  I wanted to cry.  I didn't cry, sit down or go back to bed.  I knew I had no way of cleaning it, but I could get it ready to be cleaned!  I took a roll of paper towels and layed them on the spreading stinky gooey oil.  Then pulled everything off the floor I could get too. 
There is the now broken fryer.  Along with the *sniff*  *sniff* feather comforter that took the brunt of the spill.  If you remember a few weeks back, I had clean laundry room on my list? Well, I hadn't done it.
I called my AWESOME hubby and left a message, please bring home some cat litter.  He went to a janitorial supply and got the most wonderful greaser picker uppper.....and he cleaned it all up for me!!
We were able to keep schooling, and he knows how hard that is for me!  I was so relieved and surprised at how quick it picked up the grease.  We had a small Science lesson! 

So, he put it under the dryer, the washer and swept it up.  It had oozed everywhere!!  The kids kept working and I cleaned out the whole laundry room.  I threw so much stuff away.  This had become the catch all of the house.  I did cancel 30 minutes of school, so the kids could help me load up the thrift shoppe and garbage in the back of Tony's truck.

Amazing, that all that was in that room!! It feels so much better and now nothing is on the floor!!  I scrubbed the floor and it smells lovely.
 We then took all the stuff to Goodwill, and the garbage to the church.  Big huge dumpster!!  While we were there, I mentioned to Tony that there is archery on Thursday, so he took 3 of the 4.  Abby doesn't really like it, but she goes anyways on Monday.  She came home with me.  I scrubbed the kitchen floor, as there was a bit of grease from my feet and the such pulled out of laundry room.  I prepped dinner, and Abby washed down the driveway.
My cat, Lady Fluffypants? She ignored me all afternoon.  That is really what she does most days.
Oh wait, she is coming to me!! She loves me, she wants me to pet her and snuggle and love up on her!!

Erase that, she wants to show me her fluffy pants and ignore me.  I laugh at your ignore Lady Fluffy Pants, as my laundry room had a french fry grease bath today, and I am made of tougher stuff. 
Today, is Friday, and we don't do school on Friday, for me.  I need the day.  The boys slept til almost 10, the girls are up at the butt crack of dawn every day.  I got up at 5am, and had great plans. 
They came down too:
grocery shopping -Walmart and the local grocery store-new fryer!
add laundry!
  Just a hint, towels smelling yucky from kitchen or moldy in bathroom, do a soak in vinegar, for an hour or so and then wash with regular detergent, dry without fabric softers.  The towels are like brand new!! I washed all our towels today... they are so happy!
Off to make bacon, onion and mushroom swiss burgers for dinner!  I hope your week was full also!!


Patti said...

Oh, Anne, I cannot BELIEVE that oil story!!! We needed to get together over virtual coffee this week and commiserate together!! Your husband is a sweetie:) ive yourself a big hug from me!

Fhung said...

What a week you had, Anne! How wonderful that you get to write it all down and share it with us :). Sorry for the broken fryer and burnt feather comforter! But wow you kept the schooling going you super woman! Well done with cleaning hte laundry room as well. Glad that you like your necklace too :). I hope it will have the honor to grace your neck often :). Sorry for my belated response, I just got back from my trip to Bandung (Indonesia) where my old university band was staging a small comeback show on 10.10. 2010 - it was hilariously fun... I sang my old 'legendary' numbers without adequate rehearsal but it was just FUN!

Julz said...

Tony saved the day! I am so glad all worked out well my friend!