Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bit on Pioneer Catch Up!!

I have been very remiss in church  pioneer updates, and I  am sorry, we went through well,  they are coming, and then they are not, but some other people are syndrome.  Now, we are learning okay, yeah these ones are here now, let us do what we can now!  Tony had the opportunity to have Richard Brooks come up to Yuba City for a few hours one Saturday.  Apparently, Richard Brooks had just finished a revival meeting in Modesto, and so was headed to the airport.  Tony picked him up that morning and brought him to our church for a few hours of WOW!!
Pastor John Foley in Chico brought a wonderful couple, Raymond and Tanya, and Greg one of our awesome new converts came too!  My kids were totally captivated by Mr. Brooks!!  He began working with all about their testimonies, and then showed how to give it quick and precise and on the streets.  Everyone practiced in the church, and it was fun and relaxed. the streets we went!! It fired me up!  I love street preaching, must be because God gave me a LOUD voice to lift up His name!!  Richard Brooks had us gather for quick song, then testimony, then song, testimony.  It was fast, then he took the new converts and had them handing out tracts/flyers to the cars!!  We went from preaching to witnessing in 15 minutes!  We established dominion!  We were out there for almost an hour! 


 We have been on a whirlwind of exciting times here in Yuba City, we are gearing up for a revival with Jeremy Hocker come November.  

Yesterday we went to a new area in town called Tiarra Bueno.  It is just a section, we had never gone too.  It was rainy and so we drove around and got a feel for it.  Some sections are mansions, and others are regular middle class, and this small circle of duplexes, that I seriously felt transported to another place.  It was like a park of green! The rain stopped so we jumped out of van, and gave it a whirl.  Great response, and got us excited about being on outreach.  Tony says, lets go down to that trailer park real quick! Sure, we were warming up, it wasn't raining now.  This is the first trailer park we have done since we got here.  There are not a lot of trailers here, most are senior citizen parks.  This was a conglomerate of trailers.  BIG BIG dogs with BIG BIG poop!  woo hoo!!  
Gabe and Anna were with me, and it was a lot of knocking and okay, not listening.  Then a precious woman AnnaLouise, she is in pain. Fybromyalgia. That is some wicked stuff.  She listened and I prayed for her! It was a big step for me, something I am personally pushing myself to do!  I believe she will be in church this morning!!  Then we were on the last trailer, Tony and the other kidlets had been busy.  I went up and knocked, no one.  Left the revival flyer and the kids and I got talking at the foot of the porch.  The door opens, and this young girl (21) opens the door.  I went and started talking to her, she is open and admits to being a backslider and miserable. Tony walks over and looks at her and says, "I know you"  She nods and says I used to work at Target, I got fired.  Laughter and conversation, she has already said, she would come to church.  I ask her, are you right with Jesus Christ right now??? NO.  
She prayed and received Jesus right then with me!! Denise will be in church this morning!  I told her I am a stalker for God!  I ask for prayers for this young lady.  
Oh and one more fun picture.  Last weekend, Pastor John Foley up in Chico (45 min away) invited us as a church to a church picnic.  ORoville church came also.  We were buzzing as Leeland and Lisa both came, and Greg and his family came also.  It was so nice to have people from our growing church there!  It was especially nice, as Raymond and Tanya from the Chico church were there, and Greg and Raymond had established a friendship during the Richard Brooks evangelism Saturday!!
I have to tell you why Sherri is giggling with her hand over her mouth.  She is beyond cute.  She brought this huge bowl of fantastic salsa, and everyone was asking oh did you make this?? I said, oh of course.  She was all embarrassed, she had picked it up from a local restaurant called Casa Lupe's,  She told me, so I was saying your Grandma Lupe makes the best salsa.  She would giggle every time.  You all know me, I love to see people laugh! 
We are having a blast here, my friends and thank you for your support and prayers!! Tony is at the church now putting the heat on, as the winter rains have begun, and the wet can chill the bones! 

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i see matt! thanks for pointing it out! the girls look alomst grown up.