Saturday, October 9, 2010

We flew over our City!!

The EAA Yong Eagles sponsored an event this morning in our area.  This program was created to introduce young kids about aviation.  We had done it, while in Alamogordo, New Mexico. That was over 4 years ago,  were little!
Insert pictures from June 2006 in New Mexico, oh my, look at my tiny kids!  
Anna with her broken arm! The first of 3 of them!!
Okay back to now!  I heard the announcement on the radio last month and filed it in my head, remembering 10 the month, 9 the date and 8 the time.  So this morning, 10/9, we headed to the Airport in Yuba City.  No one there!  But a flyer for the event at the Yuba County Airport in Olivehurst.  See we live in Yuba City, that is in Sutter County, but Yuba County is across the river.  Confused? That is where I live, permanantly!
We arrived and there is a whole lot of pilots, and only one group of kids ahead of us.  The boys were excited and ready.  My dear hubby, who had just got off work, went also!  He flew with the boys!

The twins were petrified.  They decided to stay on the ground.  I was bummed and thought, here I am wanting them to go, and yet I wasn't going.  I said, come on girls, I will go with you.  They were still scared but agreed to go!  We walked out to the plane, and the girls did not want to go.  I could feel it.  The people took pics of us:

Our pilot was Chris Matthews, and he explained every thing.

 We got in the plane, the girls in the back, me in the front.  We drove (taxied to the end of the runway) and I looked back and Anna has tears rolling down her face, she is so scared.  They have a death grip now on my hand. In a stroke of brilliance, I handed them the camera.  Both girls took turns and it got thier mind off the fear!

Chris, our pilot, showed everything, and they began to relax a bit.  We took off, and it was nothing, easy, and the girls giggled.  They started looking out and finding, pools, soccer fields, the lake, the river and Wal-Mart!!

They told me I didn't have to hold their hands anymore, they were no longer scared. 
 They started giggling and asking Chris questions and really got into the flight! 

We were in the air about 15-20 minutes.  We headed North towards Live Oak, then west to the Sutter Buttes (the smallest mountain range in the world) then headed back towards Marysville and the Airport in Olivehurst.  The landing was easy, and the girls bounced out of the  plane!   I took a little video on the plane, sorry for the bumpiness, that is me, and not the plane!



kate said...

WOW have fun fun fun scary fun is that!! Love the photos and the vid. You all just have way too much fun all the time... I would have been packing a chute with me and jumped out while you all were Love it!!

Pressed Petals said...

golly, i need to comment on alot of your posts.
first, the photos of your kids when they were, makes me kind of sad. but they are growing up so beautifully!
2. sorry your chicken died. we all want to know if you ate it?
3. those ants looks cool.
4. i am so glad that you guys are really enjoying life there while pioneering. it does my heart good. you know what i mean.
5. tony looks skinny!

love and miis you!

Julie (It is.) said...

I'm so glad you got the girls to go! That's one less thing in their lives to be afraid of and a building block for facing the next fearful thing!

Thank you for your kind comments this morning - you restored my day. Hugs!

Keri Jo said...

That looked like a lot of fun! I really like the one of the girls heads close together in the plane. So sweet :)