Saturday, October 2, 2010

Steam Punk really does it for me!

I am not a collector of little things, I am a minimalist by choice in my life.  I don't like to move things to dust, and I like a cleared counter.  I especially don't want anything with gears, little extra pieces~unless, it is digital, and then I am like a magnet drawn to the little pieces of metal, gears, screws and other fun things in the steam punk world!
Tangie Baxter and her delightful mom Rebecca McMeen have joined together AGAIN for Steampunk.  This time it is called SteamPunk Laboratory! 
I opened up and gasped.  You see, Eric is my scientist, he loves his experiments, and I love to take pictures of him doing them!  I got playing with this huge collection and some Pioneer Woman actions for pictures, and plopped them into some Creshen's photo bits!  I was in love with this layout!!
Now, I had closed Photo Shop, went to bed.  Midnight, I woke up, my head sweating, arms on fire, and my feet freezing.  Oh the joys of changing life!!  I knew laying there with a  complete hay-wired thermostat was useless.  I have slippers under my desk, and a fan that blows on my head.  So, I got some ice water, and fired up the computer! 
The bottles in this kit along with a conversation that I had in the chat over at SBG Thursday evening were bouncing in my head.  I despise taking pills or medication of any kind.  I do it when necessary, but it is not done often.  Anywhoooo....Rebecca McMeen had this woman in the kit and the coolest circles to put around her eyes, and I was off and running......I drank a ton of water, cooled my head, while keeping my footsie's warm and came up with a altered layout.  I uploaded them, and then giggled when I woke up to see I had made GSO at DST!! Thank you dear Mumure!


Mumure said...

Your pages are AWESOME!!Wooow!!
Hugs xx

Darcy said...

I'm so with you on the change thing happening....I'm right there in the middle of it, too :P

Love those chemistry bits...may need to go find those for us! :)

Julie (It is.) said...

I've wanted to leave a comment on this for a long time, but I've been too busy fanning myself... ;)