Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The week that was...last!!!

The daily updates of a blog are just beyond me, so I figured I can give the weekly run down a whirl, and every now and then, surprise you with a just because posting.
Our lives in school, are really full right now, everyone is hitting on all cylinders, and it is a full day, from 8am to almost 2pm, Monday thru Thursday.  We really work hard so that Fridays can be an "off" day.
Right now, in History, we are finishing Egypt, in the ancients.  The whole mummy process really intrigued us, but we opted (after a lengthy debate for and against) to do paper mummies versus the mummy of a cornish game hen.  The kids didn't want to wait while the process happened, and I am secretly happy! woo hoo
So, we learned about the process and colored our own:
Abby is very careful about the perfect placement of her instructions for a mummy.
We give her a bad time, as she is the neatest writer.  Mistakes drive her crazy.  She will erase a whole page, to make the paragraph fit nicer on the page. 
Doing History this way has really helped Anna grasp the concepts.  She has a hard time with books, retaining the information, but listening to the CDs from Story of the World and coloring and making things (almost daily), have brought enjoyment for Anna-bo.
Gabriel is INTO History, I mean he will take the Usborne's or the Kingfisher's Encyclopedia and read for hours. I will say at the beginning of the History time, today we are going to learn about (insert subject), and he goes, "oh, I know all about that!!" and off he goes and he does know all about it.  But he loves when his sister's are excited about Ancient History.  He tells little stories about other books he has read, that I didn't cover. We all sit and listen to G-man wax eloquently.
While we are busy, cutting, pasting, coloring and painting our ways thru the Ancients, Eric is squirreled away with his guitar, practicing hard.  His instructor comes to the house!! I love that!!  His lessons are on Wednesday at 10:30, so we just put his practices at the same time!  Pretty smart eh??
Now I don't want you to think all we do is work, work, work.  Okay, so we work a lot, but I let my kids play.  Gabriel enjoying the fact that his mom lets him have whipped cream sprayed in his mouth!!! They are all excited, as we now have our costumes for Halloween, they are going as Rabid Homeschoolers......seriously!!
Here is a dress rehearsal: 
Back to work you children with skulls of mush!! oh mush? oh yeah!! We are doing biology for Science and learning about cells.  The fun hands on for the week was a cell made from jello and candy! Oh yeah!!
We had licorice and Manderine orange jello.  The vocabulary and picking the right candy to be the nucleus and different parts of the cell was hilarious.  Putting the top part of the geletious mass upon the set portions, and into the fridge to enjoy later.....
The magic of bloggging, here is the final product:
Only Anna wanted to eat it.  I let her have a little and took it away, as my girl will eat it and puke to prove she could eat it. Crazy girl.
I'll be back later with our trip to the pumpkin patch, and the weekend in Chico!


Patti said...

At first glance I thought you had made some kind of ghoulish eyeball soup!! looks ummmm...interesting!!

Mariah said...

I love your style of home schooling! I got pretty burned out at the end...oh, wait! I'm STILL at the end! I forgot. haha! Seriously, though, Elliot is almost finished. He has a Bible course to finish up and a research paper to write. He should have finished long before now but I haven't pushed him too hard since he's also working (almost) full time as a bank teller. I've given him until Christmas to get everything finished. Should be plenty of time! I love your blog...I feel like I'm keeping in touch even when I'm not. If that makes sense... Also, since this comment is totally disorganized, I want to talk to you sometime about chickens. I want some! My husband is not on board at the moment, however. I need to some research and present the subject with facts and info!