Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Day!

I am so darn proud of my kids!  In July, we really were challenged about video games.  We could see the time wasted on them, and how they weren't playing, imagining playing, like it was stopping something.  I can't put an actual word to it, but it kept popping back up.  We sat as a family and talked about it.  The decision by all, was to sell ALL the systems and buy a new trampoline (our old one has been sewn, macrame'd and crocheted together for a while).  The monitors we took to recycle...$10 we were on our way!!  This past Wednesday, the final payment for the Wii came in, and this morning, Tony went to Sam's and bought the beautiful new trampoline.
While he was there, we all had jobs to do.  The lawn had to be mowed, the edges done, and the old one had to come down.
So, with Eric organizing it came down quickly. 
Then Dad was home, with the new one, and it became motivated!!
My man was zooming, the kids are well trained in trampoline set up.  They helped a neighbor last year put this same style one up and golly this is our 3rd??  I was inside making meatball mix and the girls came in to roll the meatballs!  Meatball sandwiches! yummy!! I will post the recipe on the next blog, probably tomorrow, with pics! Go get a bib Jim Larry!!
Dad had the girls back outside and working on the trampoline for a bit. 
The girls and I went to the park with the homeschool group, as I was meeting a friend there who was going to show me some curriculum. OH MY GOSH! That is another whole different blog! I found Science for my girls and Gabe!! YEAH....oh focus Anne.
The trampoline is up, no pic cause we then went to friends to swim for a few hours!!  Then home for sandwiches that were delightful....and eeep...the other plan was the chicken, to clip their wings!!
But the chickens didn't want to come out!!  We were losing daylight fast, and chickens really do go to bed at sundown.
Well, one jumped up and almost escaped, I rustled her right out of the plants!
I laughed so hard at the kids trying to get the chickens. 
 Abby came so close!! She almost got her!!
They were finally all rustled up, a couple are more tame than the other two, and enjoyed getting held and petted after the initial freak of freedom so close to bed time! 
The sun was almost completely we let them find home, and in they went, very much wanting to sleep in safety.  The kids are happy, because tomorrow, they can roam free, no more garden...oh it is all pulled up we can have free roaming chickens! 

Good night!


kate said...

Anne there is just such a wonderful family atmosphere going on at your house. I love the photos of your adventures that you share. Awesome blog post my dear freind. I certainly enjoyed it!

Sandra said...

there is so much fun and activity going on at your house, looks like everybody had a blast with the trampolline and the chickens!
i want to take a jump too when i visit! ;-)


Keri Jo said...

I'm so proud of your kids!!! We too debated on whether to get all the newest entertainment. We have 1 old game boy that they only get to play on Sat. We just didn't like the games of violence these days and reminded the kids of the scripture.... Whatever is true, pure... think on these things.
I bet they're loving the trampoline!
Those meatballs look yummy, I'll be trying them soon! Thanks for the recipe ;)

abby said...

we go on that trampoline a lot.priesit

Anna said...

Those meatballs are good!!!