Monday, October 4, 2010

NaNOWriMO-no I am not playing Mork!!

It is so cool and so free!!  National Novel Writing Month becomes NaNoWriMo!  There is one for adults and then one for young writers that has the coolest workbook ever!! WE are all doing the higher elementary one, and started our game plan today!! 
My kids buried their inner editor today, put in sandwich bags and buried in the backyard! This is a fun thing! I took Grammar out of my high schooler's schedule and pulled the Writing Strands out of the 4th & 5th graders daily schedule. They are excited, and I am too!!  
Just wanted to let you know about it!!

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Mariah said...

This is so cool! You are the only person I know who is doing this! I thought about it, and was going to do the adult one along with the nanowrimo website in November. (I read No Plot? No Problem!...the book about how it all started.) Changed my mind though. We'll have guests from Tucson along with our kids for over a week during Thanksgiving (the visits will overlap so I'll have a houseful of assorted different much fun!) for over 25 percent of the time I would have been writing! It's on my bucket list, though! haha! Hope all is well. I'm super lame about keeping in touch, I know, but I'm still lurking around. :-)