Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pour your heart in it!

Sometimes, I scrap and smile at the pictures, and the antics of my kids or hubby! I am really a blessed woman. I enjoy sitting at the computer and creating. I can't paint anything but walls, my drawings are flat, and well I did pottery once...lets just not go there. But I love digital scrap booking. It is sometimes frustrating getting the leaf or string to get where I want it to...but satisfyingly when it does!
Carolyn Rose Kite, (I still pinch myself that I am on her team) came out with kit; What is Love?, and her heart is really all over it. There is pain and a sweetness to it, that really made me ponder a layout. I opened it and bam. It just happened.
We moved here about 1 and half years ago, we have a strong congregation going, and precious souls in it. I have made acquaintances, but my buds and comrades in arms so to say are far away. Sometimes you can't call, and being alone can become dark...I call out to my Savior Jesus Christ, and am so content being smack dab in the middle of His will for our lives. I may sometimes feel alone, but I am never lonely! I hope you understand.



charlie said...

Beautiful layout beautiful kit and beautiful words Anne

Me said...

very touching Anne!

Julie (It is.) said...

I do. Understand, that is. Lovely layout, Anne, and thank you for sharing it.