Monday, July 13, 2009

feelin' way better

I had just the flu/cold yucks, but am relieved to say, I feel so so much better. A couple nights with 9-10 hours sleep can really put a girl in new spirits! I am usually 6 hour a night sleeper, so I guess my body said, you need more sleep and you are taking it NOW!
Life has been its normal fast paced, we have all our homeschool curriculum ordered and got a rockin' deal today at a last day going out of business clothing store. The fixtures were all on sale. There was a fixture of cubicles, three columns of 3 cubes on both sides On wheels...sorta like a bookcase but oh so classy and moveable, so we can use it as a partition too! We picked it up along with two nesting tables for $20! They were marked $100 each...but it was a freeding freezy in the store glad we went.
After church we got it and I moved all my supplies out of a closet and rubbermaid boxes...and our dining room has been transformed to Square Oaks Charter School. The square oak being our dining room table! woo hoo!
I wanted to post this layout, because I loved it. It is a collab with Lindsay Riches and Simple Scraps at Scrap Orchard. Gabriel caught this butterfly and they were all so excited! Abby took the picture and well, it was just a fun time. I enjoyed putting this layout together, and so hope you like it too!


Denise said...

That is one snazzy dazzy LO chicky. Happy to hear you are feeling better

Julz said...

poor friend! You should have a cup of tea!
Love ya