Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy 4th sales!

Those crazy ladies in Australia and England have gone all American on me and are having sales or America's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Us! woo hoo

Charlie's is over at ESS, but go by her blog, I bet she has something you need! You can even find a nifty picture of me there...

Then LouCee, my English boss, who over 200 years ago we fought for independence from her country has shown such kindness and is also having a sale for the 4th! I told her she was just glad to get rid of me! ha ha....

LouCee sells at DSO! But she also has a nifty freebie for you over at her blog. Images are linked to take you right to what you need!


1 comment:

charlie said...

lol we dont really celebrate our independance from the poms..ours happened in 1901 and its called federation..when we had our own government and were a nation wholly and solly on our own..before that maother Englad ruled the