Saturday, July 18, 2009

Digital Scrap Obsession is ROCKIN'

Happy 43rd Birthday little brother...a few days late! ha ha ha what a cutie hey? I had to lead off with this more about all the happenings in digi world!

I so hate keeping secrets...I am the worst...we people ask, "Can I tell you a secret?" I usually say, "NO!" because I tell! I get all excited and blurt it out! So Charlie told us a few days ago, she was closing up her shop at eSS, and going to sell at DSO! I did a little happy jig...well, honestly, it was more like a pumping of the arms and a woo hooo!
Digital Scrap Obsession (DSO) is a well established store and forum. The store is known for it's high expectations and quality control! The people are known for laughter, kindness and encouragement! I know this because I CT for LouCEE, who just began selling her beautiful designs there. I hope you will join me over there with Charlie and LouCEE. This is the first time I have had two designers at one store...and I am looking forward to it!
Charlie is loading up her kits and checking them twice to make sure all is okay, she has Geisha Girl ready for you now! Pop over to Charlie's and wish her happy moving in!

LouCee has released a marvelous kit, called Freshly Picked. Freshly Picked will be on sale for the first week.. 40% off!
I love the dark yet elegant feel to this kit! I played with it, and don't know how my little brother made it in an elegant kit...but the little pixie in it...looked liked him...ha ha my little bro in 1966!ha ha
LouCEE also has a freebie add-on that goes to this lovely kit, so pop over to her blog and get it!



charlie said...

oh my Anne I am so going to get to write my blog are the best at writing and expressing things so well and hun everything you said about DSO is soooooo true and your layout with Loucee's kit is a definite winner!!!!!!!Thanks mate

LouCeeCreations said...

he he he! so your little brother looks like the pixie.. I'm sure he's going to thank you for tHAT one Haahaahaa!
A great layout Anne.

eilajean said...

It is so nice to be missed - and I so appreciate it. Long weekend at the lake. The forcast called for the 90s - so down to the water we went. I was a wild woman on the jetski - had a blast!!! Got home to a Frig that had died, along with the food in it... I promoise to try to blog better. (but you are right - the green grass is short lived, as is our summer) I think of you and the heat you are experiencing often!!!! Saw a really cool event. A family of geese were hanging around our dock... Some of the youth decided to try to go under the dock and got stuck... Mama worked dilegently with her butt in the air - to get them out., Once she did - they went back under it. Just like the typical child. This went on for about a half hour. Then Mama got disgusted and decided that they would have to figure it out, and left. They did. So like life!

My mom had a kidney removed (cancer) and things are up in the air. I am getting ready to head to Kansas City to help with her after-care (the sisrers (mine - there are four of us) are taking shifts, to make sure her care is comfortable and caring.) It has been a challenge to be so far away while this is going on - waiting for my turn to hold her hand. Please say a prayer for my mom (Hallie). and thank you so much for popping in to say hello!!!