Friday, July 17, 2009

oh yeah, great idea...

Sometimes I have some real hair brained ideas. A few days ago, I had an hour before making dinner and thought, I should teach my kids Phase 10 (link to Wikipedia) it will be a blast!
So it is 10 minutes to 4, we eat at 5. At 4:45pm, we had gotten thru 2 phases...and my hair needed to be dyed again! The gray hairs were rapidly popping out! They were getting it, but it was slow..the what if's questions were coming fast and furious. So I what if's, must be something that is happening. What if's will be answered real time only. Mom has gone down this road a few times. Four kids with vivid imaginations and mom's attention becomes a 4 headed monster! lol We moved the game to the monstosity, (see previous post) and had dinner and a day went by!
Fast forward today! It is wicked hot! 108 easily. We ate at the food court of Sam's, cheap and cool! It was to hot to stand over a BBQ and I had eaten M&Ms. (totally off subject, but I have been off chocolate for a little bit, and I totally OD'd on them today). The chocolate put me in a funky anxious mood!
Okay, we eat, get some stuff at Sam's and homeward bound. Kids in pool, I download some scrapstuff (new secret) and Tony is puttering. He goes to bed at 8:30pm, (early and long day tomorrow) HE DIDN"T get the job he applied for, but we are cool with that. the job at TARGEt is a blessing with the hours and he is able to do what needs to be done for the church! I divert again...sorry back to the story:
The kids come in from pool and were gonna play a game together.
Now we had been at events with the homeschool all day, but hadn't really been together(if you under stand?) so I said...(this is the part, I need to be slap smartly in the back of the head) "Lets play some more Phase 10. "
TWO hours ....TWO hours later, yep at 10:30pm, my exhausted children are zoned and out of it...have managed to get thru 2 phases! Although I am quite proud of myself, as my head didn't blow up and I answered 80% of their questions.
Yeah, I'm winning, but only because I see all of their cards...ha ha..
tomorrow we try again!


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Me said...

haha! Whenever we played phase 10 with Bea she say, "I don't have anything" and then in the next turn lay down a phase!! HOT here too. 5 people got saved at the cloudcroft outreach, 6 sun morn!!! TOO exciting. I got sun burned pretty bad!