Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It makes you itch! and ugh!

This morning, I go into the living room with my handy dandy Starbucks coffee cup (pink and keeps coffee hot for hours). Good day, because we have church tonight and house is in okay shape. I sit to check email and see what the day holds before praying.
A little spider runs across my laptop! I smoosh it. Gross. Another falls from the ceiling in front of my face...this is getting silly. I see a few more and totally lose it.
Okay kids, we have an infestation here.
You must know that Yuba City is in harvest...of peaches, prunes and a few other lovely fruits. With this harvest comes an major amount of spiders. I mean major amount. Two times a week, the kids go around with this nifty tool. It is a cobweb brush! It goes on a telescoping wand, and you twirl it around all the corners and edges of the outside and inside of the house...Because the spiders are vigilant! They will take over fast! But seeing that many at one time, totally grossed me out! I told the kids, move was going to conquer the living room...I pulled down the curtains, into the wash, moved all the furniture, washed all the walls (wood paneling), vacuumed and then saturated the room with bug spray! This meant I had to rearrange. You who know me, I usually rearrange at least once a week. Life has been so busy and my knee was out for a few months, will be surprised! My living room has been the same since Christmas!!! Amazing, but not now... I sit in my chair in a new and spider free zone!


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