Thursday, June 11, 2009

yep, one more!

I am a goober! I forgot to tell you who I was CTing for, and thought it was in the ad! lol...Charlie you are so patient with my gooberness!
Did you see me? AnneofAlamo?? Lydsay has some real cute designs and is a sweetie, so I am excited about creating for her! I got a pick at one of her kits and made 2 layouts...but I can't show them yet...but it will be soon! Look for some fun things with her designs!
I have a few more things happening, excited about the fun stuff happening in digiland!



charlie said...

congrats Anne..but who is it??

Melissa said...

Congrats Anne..I swear I am not a stalker (see me as an October Guest-lol!). We both just have really good taste in designers!!!