Tuesday, June 23, 2009

they're coming!

The phone rang this morning, 6:30am, of course I am up, it's Malcom C! My honey answered with a falsetto voice and Malcomn fell for it...ha ha...
The whole group was getting ready to board the plane, Kent and Dee were already preboarded and Malcoom saw a lady I had dealt with over and over Yvette. She was getting on the same plane! Small world!
Jim Larry talked with me for a bit, and I am so beyond excited! They're coming! Alamogordo is coming to Yuba City...woo hoo


1 comment:

eilajean said...

woo hoo - fun to be had!!!! Been thinking about your "HOT" world - it did not even get to 60 here yesterday. Almost lit a fire...

hope all is JOYFUL in Anne's world!