Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They are HERE!

Yeah, this is at the airport in Sacramento, you can see the folks at the top of the escalators, I did my "koo koo ka loooooooo" and they saw us! woo hoo
Look at those faces, that's family, I think my face is gonna hurt from smiling from ear to ear this week! Just exciting!

This is in the parking garage of the airport, we squeezed all in the big van and our family van, I think Dee is gonna smile as much as me!!

Time is always a factor, so we ate quick at In-n-Out! Tony passed out the schedule for the week to everyone, and Marc prayed with a 17 year old right there in the resteraunt! God is so on the throne!

I just went to pick up my kids, who haven't seen everyone yet, but we go back to meet up in 30 minutes! I am gonna try and keep a running diary of the week for all you in Alamo, who couldn't come, but I know you are praying for us! This hopefully will make it a bit like you are here too!


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Me said...

Yay! You're fast!