Monday, June 29, 2009

photos to come, moving it from other blog

[Photo]Please don't think these faithful saints are hanging out by the pool here in California, dancin' with Mickey Mouse! They are laboring! The all went out in near 100 degree weather with humidity and hit neighborhoods! Then set up a music scene outside, and rapped and witnessed to each and every visitor! There were probably 40 some visitors that heard the gospel! Before the concert even started, I talked with a young man Josh 24, and had 1/2 a witness in and handed him to Tony and he prayed right in the church before we even began to outreach! Just amazing, he came back for a bit of the concert.
Our kids were so excited to see the folks from Alamogordo, and Eric was so stoked to go on outreach with Jaime! Thank you Liza for your faithfullness to see your son living for Jesus...
[Photo]William our faithful disciple, saw a need as one of our canopies broke and he went right to his house and got his! He was so excited to be a part!
[Photo]Jim, whose testimony brought me to the first tears of the visit. I just looked at this man who holds tight to Jesus, and the grace of God upon his life. He is a witnessing man with God all over him.
[Photo]This is one of my favorite pics, Marc witnessing to one and our William witnessing... William so reminds me of Marc, his drive and desire for Jesus and to be used by him.
[Photo]Excitement, police rolled by us with lights, no sirens...but not for us, somebody else, but exciting none the less!
[Photo]Levi, a man Tony has talked with came and rededicated his life, and oh his excitement for life!
Yes, this is just the first day! I am exhausted, sweaty and still smiling! Thank you family who released your husbands, sons and wives and daughters to come. You have so touch a city ripe for revival.
Tomorrow, prayer at 9am, outreach all morning, then concert at 2pm outside in front of Starbucks in the busiest grocery store parking lot of the town! Pray!
Then we are honored to have Ben Sr. preach for us! We gonna have Church!!!!


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