Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live life to the fullest....does that mean cram it in?

I feel like I am going a million miles a minute! School is out, the heat has finally decided to hit California and my house is clean? wow!
I want to share a layout with you that really touched me as I did it...background:
LouCee of LouCee Creations over at Digi Scrap Obsession, my fellow team mate and now designer selling...has this kit called Happy Place. ... I read the name and thought of my honey, cause I love being with him. I downloaded the kit, and it is real bright and kinda of whimsicaland I pulled up some pictures I wanted to scrap...but I kept coming back to one of Tony at the coast. Growl...this is not a whimsical picture...I played and played, and this layout came out of LouCees marvelous kit! Click on the pic to make larger..I think...ha ha
So pop over to Digi Scrap Obsession and pick it up! Her preview is also linked to take you right to the store...and hey it's on sale! Get it now!
Now another sale...this one isn't even fair! $1 for one of the best kits you can find especially at this price, I could go on and on, cause it is a beautiful kit:
Then for those who need some extraction work done, in Charlies spare time she has opened a new side line...and I know she is good, I see her kits, there is NEVER a jaggie or stray pixel...
she is darn near perfect...but don't let her know I said that, cause lordy be, she is hard enough to work with now! mwha ha ha ha
All the images are linked, go go get it!



LouCeeCreations said...

excellent work Anne! and you know how much I love your layout, it is so different....

charlie said...

where the spanking smilie when you need for the plug rock!Love that layout..awsome!