Monday, June 29, 2009

New Job for Me!

I am now......
drum roll please
a challenge coordinator!
Doesn't that sound so official!?!
Now that I typed it, I think I'm actually just a moderator, but I think I have some power....
I can give participation prizes away...ah ha!
See, I am somebody! lol... oh geez,
Really, I am excited about this.
Lonetta of Creative Victorian graciously accepted me onto her QP Artist Team a few months back and has continuously blown me away with her huge and beautiful kits.
She invited me to be a part of her new and newly redecorated forum!
I am honored and well golly, just happy as can be!
So July is the beginning and you all get a sneak peek and can start now!
Pop over to the Font challenge by yours truly,
and do the challenge and get this frame made by me!Creative Victorian's Gallery is open, which means links are okay!
The challenges can be made with anyone's kits, not just Creative Victorian!
Have fun, scrap, babble with others enjoying this addicting craft!
Learn, teach, encourage or just smile and get some inspiration!