Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Recap on Wednesday

Our faithful Colleen! She came to prayer Wednesday morning, so excited to meet all the Alamo folks and pray with us! This is such a huge step for her, how precious to see our faithful Colleen among our friends!
Next is a bit of a fun pic, you who know him, and his habit to pray in another room will know who he is, but I had to capture the full effect of it!

The Chiles have the other blue recliner and were hoping to have this one also...but it is in the ministry now, in our nursery, but Malkeem was able to lay claim to it! How I smiled taking this picture. He is not sleeping, he is petitioning our God!
A few action shots at the concert, it was hot, let me tell you! Ben is here witnessing in the parking lot!

Wilma dealt with this lady for a while, planting kingdom seed. I must say hers and Jaime's testimony were so annointed this day.

Her is my Amber and Sheila, who prayed with me today also! Amber is a goof, and makes me laugh, but is making I love the goofy! lol See my Abby hammin' it up in the background, she gets that from her dad! ha ha

Church service! 19 of Yuba City! 16 of Alamo! It was indeed rocking! Sitting next to Kim, a convert that has not "locked" in, but is doing better, she prayed last nite for rededication also. She made some decisions and I so ask you to pray for the peace of God upon her life!

Amber's son Mario is like seeing Joshua Chiles all over, the precious heart and kindness also. Malah fell in love with him and his sweet self...and Mario loved her right back!! Malah blessed me at altar call to take the I could pray with folks at the altar, for Amber rededicated her life, she brought her parents to church too! She is a bringer!

Ben blessed us with his preaching and then had the Alamo folks pray for the Yuba City was beyond powerful! What a encouragement to our lives, the folks and this city! More later!


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Me said...

I am saddened that I am not there, but toally blessed by those who are!