Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why because I thrive in chaos!

I did NOT get a dog! I did have two dogs come and visit and play with my kids for an hour Monday! I found this swap shop on the radio...and put our freezer on it! Well it sold! A man in another town (an hour away) came and brought his wonderful dogs. The kids played and played...the poor old dogs were gonna sleep good all the way home....

my dear Jenny is doing so good with her new store Sunflower Scraps, that she doesn't have the time to design as much anymore, so she is focusing mainly on the store! It is a good thing for her, but left me out a designer. I like to keep myself at 5 designers. That way I am busy, but not overwhelmed.
So I headed over to DST (Digital Scrap Talk) forum to see who was needing people or what opportunities I could apply for...(I think for is a prepostion and I just kinda ended a sentence with it..) Sorry Mom! (who is on vacation/coast for 6 weeks I think the coast, we had a quick, my phone dieing conversaton this morning!)

I am babbling sorry, well I applied for two CT's. I got an almost immediate response for one, and it is so perfect for me.

I make clusters, (layers of different scrap elements), page clusters, stacked papers, brags and other premade items. I am so loving this...sometimes I just want to rearrange designs, not work with a picture...and this is just the best way to do it!

The designer is Netta from Creative Victorian, is she is just beyond patient and is teaching me great things. Shadows..oh my, I feel set free! I learned how to make a style button and a lovely shadow, she worked all out for me! And she made this lovely blinkie for me:

Isn't fantastic! I admit it, I am a blinkie fan...just tell me I am doing good, pat me on my head and give me a blinkie! woo hoo, see my name on it!?! That is so cool!

***news upcoming for those wondering where I am hanging,

and want to play with me and meet and influence others with the joy of life coming soon***

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

Oh Anne my love i am so happy for might have to pass on a few tips me thinks ;)

alamama said...

Congrats!! Keep a spot open to CT for me one day! ;) Our next assignment in the Design Star contest is to make 8 papers, 3 solids, 5 patterns. They have to go together. I was really sweating it, but I think I did it! I want to show it off so bad, but hane to wait!

Anyway, glad you're doing good!

Julie (It is.) said...

OK, well, RATS (LOL, from a strictly selfish point of view - I'll be happy for you in a minute). Next time you have an opening, let me know!

Denise said...

"Anne never lose your joy!"
Such a great quote. :)

Vicki23 said...

Hi Anne, thanks for visiting my Blog...I am very new at this blog thing as you could see. I found EnchantedStudios yesterday & thought they looked good, but if they have bingo I will definately have to join in!!! I was sooo...close to winning the Feb Snap bingo!

eilajean said...

As always, I get refreshed and invigorated when I stop in to see Anne. You have so much energy. I guess it must come from beingsomewhere warm... I am hoping we get some serious - melt the snow - warmth soon!!!!

Always a joy...