Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Repeat picture, but fun!

First off, it looks like we are all okay at the bank, we have to fill out some paperwork. But we are up and running smooth and lovely. Thank you to all who phoned and emailed, it was nice to have people careing!
Now I know I used the pic of me and my mumbly on an earlier layout, but I recently scanned a whole mess of pictures and came across this one from 30 years ago! I totally tripped, because, I am now older than my mom was in the picture of her and me? Did you follow that? Mom would have been 37 in the picture of her and I at the Mother~Daughter Tea. (which mom, you were were very sweet to go to this), and I am now 45! That kinda made me just ponder! Trippy huh?
Well I got this kit from Carolyn Rose Kite (isn't that the most elegant name?) it is called Rich With Love! I played with these two pictures forever, and wanted to use more yellow roses...both my mom and my favorite! I told my dear hubby and he gave me the layout idea! Then I found this song lyric, and it went with the it is on it..and my mom is my hero, as I hope to be for my kids!
Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


eilajean said...

Ok, SO WOW!!! That is beautiful, as is the story behind it! I wanted to let you know how concerned I was when I heard what happened. I did not expect you back so soon... but it is nice to see your smiling face. I am a little curious of how you were compromised. I use a good virus scan setup - but always get nervous when a software program I am installing tells me I should turn of my scan. Fortunately, none of our info is on this puter... and hubby keeps a very close eye on our accounts. I also run a scan every moring - and scan all digi scrap files before and after unzip... call me paronoid...

Anyway, wanted to stop by and leave some love... and tell you that this page is inspiring... thanks so much for sharing it.



eilajean said...
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eilajean said...

sorry - posted commenttwice - so deleted one - did not wantyou confused from it... LOL

Never lose your Joy - it inspires others...