Saturday, March 7, 2009

sunshine and basketball 7 march 09

Gman, my honey and Mr. E playin' some hoops (horse) at one of the local parks. We have been going 100mph with getting the church building up and functioning, outreaching all the time, Tony getting teams together to come and just everything. So this morning after Tony got off work(working 6 days a week), we ate, he went back to church to finish his sermon. He came home and we had chip buddies..fried potato sands with malt vinegar...starch/carb sandwich! Then the boys mowed and edged the back yard with the adults supervising and girls trimming the tree sucker limbs. A quick clean up and off to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather...crisp and sunny!

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bentonflocke said...

love to see the sons playing with their dad!