Thursday, March 5, 2009

my little digi place to kick back is closing :(

Snap & Scrap, a digital scrapbooking forum owned by Gillian has been fighting to stay open. There were some big pushes, freebie kits to get folks in and buying but it didn't work.
This bums me, because it was a fun place to go, the people always laughed at my silly jokes!
They had a BINGO game every month, and it is hilarious! It is so simple, that was one of my favorite parts, pick out 15 words from a list of 40, private message your picks back, but keep a copy.
Then Szilvia (in Brazil, I think) would call out numbers about every hour, til she went to, then an Aussie, once Breez, then Gill and a few others sometimes would call this American on the west coast would be up late late to see if I got all the words! silly, but so much fun. The bantering that went on was the best! Mel, she won it 2 times and Gill made a blinkie! I coveted that blinkie! ha ha I never won the game, or the blinkie, but what I did win, was friendships with people all over the world.
I threatened them (especially the Aussies) that I would be in Australia one day and sleep on all their couches for at least one night!

But the store is closing, and with it comes a big sale! Here is the ad, and here is the link Snap&Scrap...

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!

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marianne said...

hey it's mazzie!!! just thought I'd pop in and say HALLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! and now you can have my blog addy too :)