Monday, March 23, 2009

a whole week without blogging?

Gosh, I just got busy making and doin' that this poor blog got neglected! Been handing out bragbooks for my taskmaster Charlie over at Enchanted Studios! This woman is unstoppable, now she has a CU (commercial use) grab bag!
I am totally clueless to designing, I look at CU stuff and my hands sweat and I can't do a thing with it...but I know there are folks out there who are wanting to design and being thrifty here is a bargain and CU items too! It contains 6 brand new products (25 files in total) . It's $23.00 value for just $5.00..what a bargain hey!?! This is Charlie's 1st CU grab bag is available in her store HERE
Charlie used some, not telling which ones to put together this little freebie. Pop over to her blog and pick it up! It's perfect for Easter!
While you are over at Charlie's, sign up for her newletter, her 1st one is almost ready to go out...and I am in it! You are so gonna wannna see what you get! I mean you are GONNA want it!
Gotta run, real life calls! ha ha

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

Thanks for the pimp lovely lady!!mwahhh

Caryn said...

Anne, I can't WAIT to see you become famous ;) Oh wait! You already are ;)

Lotsa love!