Saturday, March 14, 2009

LIfe is Busy, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Just an all around great day! Sun shinning, bit of a spring breeze, expecting a wee bit of rain this evening and the flowers all over California are bursting into cheery explosions of color! I love this time of year, because it means HOT is coming soon, school will be out, and I will be lazing by a pool anywhere! I know some of you are in cold, cold, I mean bitter cold places right now...I am sending you spring
It is time for some of the revealing! some, but not too much! When Snap and Scrap announced it was closing, it was a real blow to me (scrapwise, I mean I will survive), because I had made some fun invisable friends...and well, they all laughed at my jokes...and those who know me, know I love it when people think I am funny....

I digress....

well, it closed and my dear friend over the pond and round the corner and down the block in Australia, Charlie made some decisions in her life at the same time (no, don't worry she isn't stopping designing), and one was to go exclusive with one shop, and pour her talent into that. I am on her CT, and the rest of the gang on the team, went in on a stealth manuevers, checking out the challenges, gallerys, and activity. We are a tough group...tight knit and we liked it...goodness, I got real comfy and have already done one challenge!

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....all you looking for an ACTIVE, it is like a little bee hive of activity, come over and see some familiar faces and meet new ones. Join me at Enchanted Studio Scraps!

Hey, go get registered now, and tell them AnneofAlamo refered you, and I could win something! Pooh, I can't remember what I win, but I just want bragging rights! You know how I love bragging rights (Bingo) . Then come on over and start an introduction thread and let everyone you know ME! tee hee and make yourself a new home!
Charlie has a brand new kit available in the store on Monday too and will be right perfect for her 50% sale! Way to get started!

For those who post in Charlie's thread HAVE YOU HEARD at Enchanted Studio Scraps on Monday March 16th thru the 22nd(for a full week) we (her trusty and highly overworked but content CT team) will be welcoming (via private message) you with these 12 FREE brags, all you do is post and say hey! It doesn't get much better than that! but does.....

I will have a FREEBiE for you on Monday come back and celebrate my dear friend Charlie and the Enchanted Studio Scraps!
Can someone bring the chips?

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

wow you deserve more than chips for that post

LouCeeCreations said...

I'm bringing the alcohol!