Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Update of God Moving

It's Tuesday, and God is on the throne! We just heard the news about Mr. O'Bama. ( i am beginning to think he might be an Irishman with that O') So now we move on and show respect for the office and pray more than we did before!
So life here in Yuba City has been the normal adventure....alot of waiting....waiting to hear about a building(the owner is finagaling with her accountant), we are praying that they will:
1. lower the price per square foot
2. do all the building...tear down walls etc! It seems to be leaning this way....
they are a really sweet couple and just want someone who they can trust.... ha ha
The girl Tony talked with last week had to work Sunday but she is all excited because she is off this Wednesday! Our faithful C was there in her seat, both Sunday and Wednesday! She even said Tony's homilie was right on target! lol
Tony preached an awesome sermon that restirred my heart to put God first and the wild thing is 1/2 way thru the sermon, a kaplow of the Holy Ghost came in and I could see a change on was really a good thing!
Tony is still on the early early shift at Target and picking up hours where he can with ToysRUs...and still putting out resume's...with some new options opening still in the field he was in.
Halloween was fun, had about 30-40 kids come by, talked with a few neighbors parents I hadn't met. Tony took the kids around the block and they had to come back to empty their bags...they were BLESSED (me too) with the good candy...woo woo! We have 4 big hug bowls of candy...
We had RAIN this week...I mean RAIN! It was beautiful, made a fire in the fireplace, enjoyed some fun with the kids inside....(yeah I am nuts)...and then the sun came back out and the air was clear and crisp and the colors of autumn...oh my they are just amazing!
I am still enjoying the scrapping world, and have learned alot! Hope to have some fun Christmas cards to send all ya'll!
thanks for your prayers...we need and covet them!

oh by the way, the Rog and Heidi are traveling down here from Oregon this upcoming Monday, prayers for them and their van to make it here and back would be so appreciated...

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