Sunday, November 9, 2008

cleanin' up

My bestest Brittish friend is coming! woo woo, tomorrow her and her hubby and baby girl will be staying for a whole week! I am tellin' you, I sooooooooooooo need the fellowship! I am a peoples person and babbling is my life...I can feel myself sometimes channeling that talkativeness into my, click clickity click! lol

I have been busy, getting all my duties for Charlie done, as she has a new kit....I will do a full blog on it tomorrow...but I got the kit yesterday, and did 2 full layouts and 4 is a good one..

anyway...I have been playing with different actions in the CS3? program so lovingly given to me by a Mucho man of God...and I made a whole different type of layout...and wanted to share it with you. My girls joy with the ocean!


Caryn said...

Anne, it's beautiful!

Lori said...

Hi Anne,
This is Lori from Genuine Praise. Thanks for visiting us. I hope u continue to do so and invite any friends you would like to play along. I wanted to let you know that when it says ex. MissPotts(cutie pie) or something like that. This just means that someone linked up a layout they liked of someone elses.

Me said...

LOVE that LO! Say hi to Heidi!!