Monday, November 17, 2008

No Pictures

I am kicking myself, I didn't get very many pictures of our visit with Heidi and Roger. I am going to upload them this afternoon...hopefully after going to school to give Anna cough meds or after picking them all up for the dentist and after Wal-mart! I am overwhelmed already!
I spent the morning with one of the precious converts in the church that had fallen off the planet and she prayed and rededicated her life to overwhelmed with family can be handled! woo woo
this is my life and why I live! seeing the power of Jesus Christ touch a life! and to be the vessel that is used...

I have sent off numereous emails to different designers for call to make layouts for them (it is called a creative team or CT). I have also recieved alot of thanks but no thanks, boo hoo...(not really, ha ha), but I keep persueing different calls that have designs I feel I could do good work and feel right about blogging and telling you about! So I just wait for emails from these talented woman!
I am going to be guest CT (December and January)for a new lady Nikki Painter, her kits are really beautiful. The poor thing is at the end of her pregnancy and not feeling to well. I am hoping to do some good work for her. I picked up a gorgeous alpha (FREE) from her blog! Thru Nikki, I have been perusing a new forum Faith Sisters, it is a very nice bunch of folks that put God first in their scraps...and I like that!

I wanted to post this layout too, I did it using dear Charlies new kit Frogs and Mudcakes...and it is my kids walking with my mom. I feel a bit dishonest in the picture, as the picture was kinda ugly, so I did alot of manipulating to make it a better shot...because they were all together in it....I added the sunrays and the left is actually another picture later in the walk I extracted and merged together....but I love the layout, because Gramma loves her grandkids and walking and having the two together makes it special to me.

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