Thursday, November 6, 2008


These we1re the funniest things ever...making brag books! I loved being a part of this hard working group of ladies...
For more information read Charlie's new blog at Charlie DigiScraps, but really get the kit Honey Love it is on sale at the Stone Accents Store, and it is such a versatile kit, you have pinks and browns with grays, that go so well for both boys and was fun kit to play with.

I too used to be a freebie taker only! Really, I did, then I thought, I am making scrapbook pages for my family...and I enjoy the comments people give selfish of me to not leave a small note on what I liked in the "freebie" for the designer. The more I learn about the "other" side of digi scrapping, the more I like the people and realize the work that goes into this...

You know if you join a forum on digiscrapping and get involved do some challenges and read some of the fun things on the forums, you will see that digi-scrapping is full of people just like you, they arn't stuck up talented people leaving crumbs of free things for you. They are mom's trying to make a bit more for their families, sisters who giggle together and get excited about people wanting something they made, daughters who crave a creative outlet and have found it thru digi-scrapping and most could be a friend to you that has given and given and will continue to give with or without your comments. They are just like you....s0 wouldn't it be nice to leave a comment?

Please if you could leave Charlie some kind words at her blog and then go get those brag book pages!


Julie said...

Hi Anne. I found your blog link at GingerScraps and just wanted to say Hi. I live in Nor Cal too. Same place as Ginger, Nevada County. Have a great day.

gabs aka evitangel said...

hi, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. really appreciated! have fun scrapping!

KayJay said...

wow, you put that soooo beautifully! I just clicked on a link at SAS in your signature, cause I liked how you put it! And have been having a lovely time seeing your beautiful layouts and reading your inspiring writing. And this post is so beautifully put.
Your British friend has probably gone home now, I hope you had a great time and natter