Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun over at the DigiChick!

I have been laughing so hard in the forums of the Digi Chick! There are some hilariously funny people there, not to mention some very talented designers.  Somehow,  I snuck in for a guest appearance as a Creative Team Member for their site.  I am sure the powers that be are confused and bamboozled how I showed up in their backroom.
Now there new releases this week, are wowza woo woo wonderful.  I was able to work with 3 different designers and make 4 layouts in a few short days! Yes, I thrive on deadlines, and love the smell of a freshly opened kit.   Strange, I know, but hey, it's true, and now the designs are in the shop of The Digi Chick and you can go play!! Wait, don't go yet, I haven't shown you what I did with the designs.
First off, oh my, Karen Lewis has a Forever Family Pack.  I almost cried! As you know we are a family through foster and I can not get enough of this genre of designs. 
A dear lady named Liza in my home church took this picture of my kids, it is the first picture of them laughing all together.  I was excited to scrap this photo:
Then, okay, no secret, I love the duo of ViVa Artistry.  I do, I get a smile at each of their kits, and have bought a few of them.  I secretly want to go and download every one of their kits and run away into the sunset, but I have so far contained myself.  
Fabricology.  This is the kit:
 I saw it and I am not joking, a layout popped in my head! I pulled out the elements, and started cutting, clipping, blending and rearranging and out came this altered wonder:
Now, I was hesitant to post in the CT thread, thinking I would be run out of the back room and slapped around silly.  NO, NO, NO Anne, that is altered, go back to your hole.
But, they were so sweet and kind, and loved altered! I was relieved, because sometimes an altered piece has to be made before you are allowed to go on and create anything else.  I think it is a law of creativity, but refused to look it up in case I am wrong.  I wanted to make a layout of regular scrapability for this kit, so I did this one:
I am feeling rather sentimental, as Hubby and I just passed 21 years married and love to look at my young un aged nor wrinkled hands from my wedding pics! h aha ha
Remember I said 3 designers? That was just 2, the next one is new to me, and her kit was so full of things to choose from, I think I put the whole kit on my page and made it all fit! Elise's Pieces Designs, and the kit; A Stitch in Time.
I played with some photo's using Pioneer Womans FREE actions! I love them, because at the bottom is a start over button! ha ha...I got the effect I was after, to go with Elise's beautiful kit, and giggled at my children, trying to capture a mole with a string, the red string:

The Digi Chick is a great store and the forum is active and they all laugh at my jokes! Stop by and say hi, or better yet, go to the store and buy things!

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