Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy in the DigiWorld

I did my first real tutorial! I giggle and am kept humble because I am teaching how to make your own bowl of rocks.  Let me set the scene:
Glasses clinking, mummer of voices low, and an occasional guffaw.  Our camera pans on AnneofAlamo and some well established business woman and man. 
"So, Anne, what do you.....well, do? Do? As a career, outside of educate your children at home?"
ME: Well, in my spare time, I tell people how to put rocks in a bowl!  
har de har har!
But I did, and I do! I loved it and Tangie Baxter even made me some 100% original rocks for you to use in your own bowl. Just pop over to the AJC Blog for the FREE tutorial and the FREE rocks!
Now I am really laughing, as this week at the Digi Chick, I was only able to do one layout for the precious designers over there.  It was for my dear friend Julie. It is. of Sherwood Studios. 
I was bummed not to have more time, because one of the NEW designers for The Digi Chicks had lots of her things available to scrap with also. Amanda Heimann! I love her work, and she is just beyond sweet!

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