Saturday, March 5, 2011

Declaring WAR on these 10 pounds!

I have been fighting these same 10 pounds now for 6 months.  I have to admit to being a bit lazy and then got hit with nasty ol' head cold, and the rain was always a good excuse not to walk, and eat high carbs and sweets.  I have declared out and out war upon these 10 pounds that I think I have lost 3 times in the last 6 months. 
Spring is in northern California, my chest is still tight and congested, but I can not sit and devour the contents of my pantry anymore!
I took off this morning, and look at the skies:
This road runs parallel to the highway, on the left side of the walnut trees is Highway 99, the country equivalent to Insterstate 5 in California!  I love that it goes through our town, and that we are still country, but with all the conveniences of the city.  Walking on this dirt road is very easy on my knees and at one point I was jogging it, but I am going to have to get back to that point again.
The walnuts trees are getting their first prune of the year, there is a man doing it all by himself with this cool machine. I never did see him, but I could hear the buzz.  Don't you just love that color green? I am in awe of this palette!
On the right side of the dirt road is a slough, and it is full of little things moving and lots of moss, there are houses down most of it, then I am surrounded by the walnut trees.  It is a great walk.
The skies started turning a bit gray, as we are supposed to have more rain this afternoon and into the weekend.  It is about 65 degrees and very humid right now.  I came home to my lawn all done, by my awesome kidlets!
Okay, now to shower and fight off the carb desires!

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Crystal Jeffers said...

Anne, I love that you took pics of the orchard. I miss living in a walnut orchard. I just wish the house we lived in had been big enough for our growing family to stay in. of course soon enough I will be shaking the dust from my shoes and moving onto other things.