Monday, March 21, 2011

We have had so much RAIN!!!!

All of were suffering major cabin fever! I mean ALL of US!  The skies started clearing about 10am, and I declared 1/2 hour break from school, only if they went outside! There was whooping and joy! I watched the clouds roll away, and blue start to break through. I know the storm is coming back in a few hours, so I made the command decision to walk the bridges over the river!
I promised them one day we would walk them both, and today was the day! We parked the van at the foot of the BIG bridge right by the church and took off. We had to pass the car dealer, and we stood by the cars we loved, well the girls did. The boys were being cool.

Then we made it to the bridge. This is the main BIG bridge and the street is called Colosa and also Hiway 20.  Some folks call it the 10th Street bridge because when you get to Marysville it is 10th street:
Here is a map of our walk, it is about 3 miles. It took about an hour!

The bridge was very loud and scary due to the large amount of rain. The river is way higher than usual, and running very fast!
After this we walked fast, I really just wanted to get over this bridge fast! It is cement and has openings you can look right down into the river and it moves! Oh it was horrible!
This area is not usually filled with water!
The half way point, I was as far away from the edge as possible, you can see they aren't real wanting to be close to the edge either! It was very powerful.   But look at those clouds! Seeing blue and feeling the sun was worth the whole trip!
Then we went under the big bridge to walk on the levy that runs parallel to the river in Marysville. This is where all the homeless hang out.  You can see the bridge we just walked across.
This is on the levy and we are looking down on where the soccer fields are, but they are underwater.  I took this picture and told the kids it was for handicap boats to park:
Anna says, they have handicap parking for boats, and as soon as she said it, shook her head and look at me, and I knew, I had gotten her for just a second...bha ha ha 
Onward on our adventure, and before we got to the second bridge, known as the little bridge or the 5th street bridge that goes from Marysville into Yuba City to become Bridge Street. 
The homeless RV park! bha ha ha...Eric was so wanting the bike trailer that is under the right pile of stuff!

We are now headed West and I liked this bridge a lot better! It was quieter, the walk path was wider and the river was narrower. I liked how safe I felt on it.
There is the little bridge we just crossed and we are on the opposite levy, but back in Yuba City.  I was rather excited to get pics of both boys and girls that look pretty good!

This is looking at the first bridge we crossed but from the Yuba City side! We were almost done! I was feeling so revigorated!

The boys of course were trying to trip each other all the way home, and I was noticing. The punks.  You can still see all the puddles from the rain.  We are expecting more rain, but it was so pretty.
On the way back past the car dealer, my dream car was out, and just washed so the girls took my pic with it:
The Cadillac Escalade. But I really am content with my Mazda zoom zoom mini van, pay no attention to me laying hands and claiming this vehicle! lol  ha haha
So we get back to the church and we watched a semi-truck pull wires off the poles, I was in shock as he kept driving off, and had my camera in my hand, but did not take a picture.  I did call 911 and we got to see the fire department come and take care of the situation.

The being professionals, recognized immediately it was not dangerous, wrapped the wire up and placed on the side walk for AT&T to come and rehook some very angry customers back up!
We were all ready for lunch, and our adventure had come to a close.  Home for Math and Spanish! The clouds have moved back in and I am glad we took the opportunity to go and enjoy the blue skies!


MamaB said...

Anne, thanks for sharing your world with us! :D You took some wonderful photos of your kids and I am totally in love with some of your scenery shots. The one looking down on the water and the one of the little bridge are amazing!!!!! :D

Cheryll said...

Anne, not only did you walk the Bridges with your children today, you gave each of them a memory for their life! I'll bet they'll always remember today's adventure! Your narrative made me smile, the pictures also. I'm not sure I could have crossed that first scary bridge- kudos to you! What a grand adventure!

tangie baxter said...

oh my what a great adventure! I'm not sure I could have made it across that first bridge-wow! Love all the pictures of the kids--and I love your choice for car ;) xoxo

HeatherB said...

Loved the spring walk. Here I would have to get the dog sled out. Mush! OK, maybe not. But we do have a lot of snow out there. You have a lovely family Anne!

Keri Jo said...

That looked like fun :) You've had a lot of rain though to cover the soccor fields... I see why you wanted to get out. We have been stir crazy too (must be that last semester/spring thing) so we have been taking some walks too. it's just so refreshing and you're ready to get back at it when you get home.

Heather T. said...

What a great walk! Usually I love rain, but even I am starting to go stir-crazy these days...

Are your girls twins? They look *SO* alike!

Tiffany said...

A great walk, and fun pictures. Don't know if you saw my post in the digichick forum, but I live real close to you - in Davis!

abby said...

That was an exciting day.