Sunday, March 20, 2011

I took the DARE! What about YOU??

The Digi Dares are a group of scrappers with some fun and challenging scrap pages.  I mean they have some obscure and wild ideas for making pages, and some pretty good prizes too! I have met some wonderful ladies over at the Digi Chicks, and one is HeatherB.  I stalk her.  I think I stalk a lot of people. I think I have major attachment issues.  Like I latch onto you and you can't shake me. 
Oh, oh, oh, back to the Dare!  I had to find a picture that is not good, and only use that picture!  Then add a speech bubble and use the colors of the rainbow!
I admit, my rainbow is rather muted (the colors) but I have a good excuse, you see it has been raining here for over a week.  That is my reason, and I wanted to use ViVa Artistry's mini kit; Silk Road:

from over at The Digi Chick, to go with the photo, since it was taken at Panda Express.  You can see Anna's thoroughly disgusted face at her brother as he is inhaling his chow mien! 

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eilajean said...

Hello Anne - yes, I am still out here... I come with purpose today. Would you by chance have a lead on some Christain Scrap elements and papers. I have a friend who wants to make a memory quit for her daughter using scrapping concepts. I insantly thought of you. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciaed.

How are you all doing? We are holding out for Spring. Hope the Kids and your wonderful husband are all well


Eilajean (the wayward blogger!)