Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Having fun!

I did two! Count them two layouts!
The first one  is so not an altered layout, but Tangie's kit, She Found Her Bliss was just perfect for it:

I only used one paper and one element for this layout!
Tuesday evenings, I play over at Scrap Book Graphics, in the Ladies of the Evening Chat! It is an hour (sometimes more) of giggles and just a real brain drain for me.  My wonderful hubby takes the kids for ice cream.  They are learning the right places to get the best deal for their buck.  The latest is Rite-Aid.  It has ice cream that is yummy in pints, for a very good price!   They each get a pint, and nibble 1/2 of it when they first get home, then all go play, then eat more when they come in.  So, what you see are the spoons from the ice cream grazing! It makes me smile when I go to bed to see all the spoons in the sink!
Saturday, all day, yeah all day, was chat at SBG.  There was so much winning going on, it was beyond crazy!  I was there off and on, and I saw Gift Certificates handed out like mad!  I won Maya's newest and anniversary kit, Cosmopolitan.

I was totally caught unaware to win this kit, but I tell you I downloaded this beauty as soon as possible!  In May, we had some wild Night Life right here on Joseph Street! YATZEE!  We had the camera out and everyone was taking pictures, so that made it hilarious to view the pictures later.  I wanted to bring in the excitement of the night, and this kit was PERFECT:
I know my scrapping and blogging has kinda been sporadic, but I love these layouts so much, I giggled while making them.  I so hope you enjoy them!!

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