Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catch Up!

School started August 16th, and it kinda snuck up on me....the Saturday before we got this in the mail:

I had to think, live things being shipped to my house! Perhaps there is an unwritten law or rite of passage that makes you really and truly a homeschool home.  Having live things shipped to your home, must be in the top 10 list!  We had 5 caterpillars!
In a few days we would have cocoons, and know everything there is to know about the Painted Lady Butterfly.  I quickly went to Enchanted Learning, and downloaded everything about the Painted Lady, the caterpillar and all the things that were about this little life lesson! The 3 younger kids had science.  Whew!  The first week was scheduled for me! Eric already has Apologia, (from Christine, we did the first 2 weeks last year, loved it and wanted to do it in depth this year, so we saved it for his high school).

There are so many experiments in this curriculum, and he has to do them on his own.  Eric loves that part!  He has a captive audience:

Dad had just got off work, and Tony loves Science as much as the next, he was getting into it.

The balloon was not cooperating, and the gas wasn't making it go up.  Eric was not amused at the lack of oomph!  Then it did a little blurp and it popped up! 
ERic is reading off the laptop, what is supposed to happen, and you can see the balloon, doing what it supposed to do! Fill up with some kind of gas.  I was taking pictures, and all those gases run together in my head.  The final part with the candle and no oxygen, and adding the gas from the balloon, didn't really work as plan, but it was fun!
Then it was back to Grammar!  Gabriel in his new hoodie!  This is my boys favorite thing, a hoodie! 

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