Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pics from the coast last week

This is one of my favorite places to stand in the world.  You can hear the boom of the waves hit the rocks and watch the ocean.  The ocean is ALWAYS different!!  This is Bodega Head, and is a 5 minute drive from where my parents stay for the summer.  The are inland a bit, at West Side Park at Bodega Bay.  

They look deep in conversation.  I know what it is about, what are we gonna feed these ravenous children? I love these two people, and they have put so much in my life.  The fact I look just like them both is scary...ha ha ...but this is where they are happy, together. Getting to almost 50 years together! That is something!
The clan on the bench, my posture is courtesy of my Dad! That is Anna, who becomes attached to my mom.  She is so funny, she really loves being with my mom.  I watch her just make a bee line right to her each visit.
There are whales out there, every so often a blow spout will shoot up, and we all go oooooooooooooh or aaaaaaaaaw, it is the fireworks, but with whales.  Yeah, explains a lot on why I am the way I am huh?  What are we staring at:

Kinda looses the oomph here, but if that is all you can see and then spla loosh, a black thing comes up and water comes out the top of is cool!
You are looking at your Christmas card for this year, so act surprized when it shows up okay!! I might doctor it and add a whale in the background?
Tony took a good shot of me!! I am horrible with pictures, but he makes me laugh...and just keeps taking til a good one happens to fall into place:

After the ocean, we went down the hill, to this way cool place called the Hole in the Head.  Remember we were just at Bodega Head?  This is a story that I had never heard, and we go to visit my parents every few months, and cruise around.     A nuclear power plant had been planned for Bodega Bay in the 1960s but was abandoned after both local and statewide protests and the discovery of an earthquake fault across the proposed site. Excavation for the site began at Bodega Head, and when the project was abandoned the area has been referred to by locals as "The Hole in the Head." 
It is now a filled in fresh water reservoir, that flows into the bay.
On the other side of the hill you see here is the Pacific Ocean, behind me is Bodega Bay!  The contrast to the gray at the Ocean and the green here by the fresh water is astounding! The flowers are just beautiful also:

I know it is just a thistle, but isn't it beautiful...I love it!  I can stare at this pic and find so many different colors of green! 
The girls are drinking the water as it comes out of the fresh water spring!! This is right where it flows into Bodega Bay
This is the bay here!  Look at the top, you can see the fog!  Now we are on the beach at the bay but have the spring water back right to it, so you can see the fauna( I had to use that word, makes me feel so smart) that grows right there by the beach:
Those of course are my monkeys in the trees!  But again, the start difference..I am standing on the beach by the bay taking the picture!! Okay, it amazes me! 
Eric climbed the cliff, and then Anna tried, Gabriel succeeded and Abby, uhm pretended to try to climb it.
It is straight up and a bit scary to be honest.  Gabriel and Eric had fun:

By this time, my mom is shaking from starvation.  So we head back to the camp.  There is fresh fish to be cooked and food to be ate. 
My Dad loves to cook!  He has this whole little system, cooking outside, on a isn't the life I would chose, but they are having a blast!  My mom preps some fresh Tuna for me.  I love Tuna fish, so I am pretty excited!
Mom is in the coach, (the RV) getting all the fixin's for dinner and making me Tuna, did I mention, I love tunafish?  I caught the bestest smile of the day...and it is because I scared her to death with my flash on the camera.  ha ha 

While my parents were laboring for our meal, Eric told of his fishing experiences.   This is him reeling in a big one?  
There it is, fresh fried fish, delictable, oh yeah!!

This is just the way we do it at home, buffet style.  It was some yummi doodle food, I tell you, and my mom ate hotdogs, Nathans. Tony ate the fish and the must have been the ocean air??
You work at this camp site!! Well, I don't I have small children who love to help Granma!  She puts out orange cones in the sites that are researved, so people don't sneak in and take them.  The kids pulled the cart and helped!

Grandpa was done, he had already feed and entertained us, the afternoon coffee was being consumed.  He was helping by sitting right there!

After dinner and before we leave, sitting on the bench by the boat dock has adventures.  The boats are all coming back, with catch or not.  My mom and I sat there and watched the tide go out and the kids turn rocks to find crabs. 
The fog began to get a whole lot thicker, and we had a few hours to drive home.  I was full and smiling for the fun we had with my parents.  The day was over, but the memories, they last a lifetime.


Julie (It is.) said...

Love the pictures! You look great!

tangie baxter said...

oh what a beautiful place! looks like you had a wonderful time with your family!

Pressed Petals said...

love love love this all! you have such a way of telling stories! you look fab by the way!

Keri Jo Wohlwend said...

We went whale watching once and saw nothing... I was so bummed. We love the ocean!! I'll have to remember the time of year and come sometime!