Friday, August 20, 2010

new things over at SBG, with Tangie!!

Okay, I have a whole different life in scrap now, and it affords me the time to scrap for pure fun!  I just laugh and open kits and love the whole process!
The ART Journal Caravan by Tangie that is over at ScrapBook Graphics is on week #34. 
Just a quick reminder, as of the 31st of August, the chance to be on this years journey are over!! 
  I am in a place of watching my children flap their independent wings a bit more, and I am learning that I do trust them to be places without me hovering over them.I did this layout with Provision #34 and it is called Trust from Afar
Okay, ya'll are gonna have to have a sense of humor for this next layout!  If it kinks you, please know I love Eve, she really gets a bad rap, as I know we are all sinners...but sometimes, I just want to talk to her...ya when Tangie had this kit, even the title of it made me laugh...Unconventional Wisdom
 Okay, now you have to smile, or know I mean no ill will, just thinking of Eve's response to the apple.


Julie (It is.) said...

We are pretty hard on Eve, especially being her husband was there watching her and offered no caution...

It's actually a very pretty layout ;)

Glad to see you're having fun scrapping, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Love the humor in your layouts, I really needed a smile today! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cindy