Saturday, August 21, 2010

An evening of Scrap!

Just playing!  That is what I have been doing with my scrapping.  I am going thru and deleting a lot of old and useless kits.  I am trying to file along with the purging.  I ran across one of the Gold Kits from DST, by Jennifer Barrette, called Walk with Me.  I loved it.  I don't know if it is for sale, or where she sells, but it has some very nice things in it.  What it didn't have was stitches.  I got a bit addicted to stitching while creating for Dawn Inskip!  So, I started going thru my files, and found a way, way, way old freebie stitches of flowers from Creshan!  Beautiful!
So my layout, of my daughters with friends from a near by church.  They had gotten their hair all done up, so they look so grown up to me.  I love this pic and did a bit of Pioneer Woman actions on it...they all really didn't have peach lipstick on! bha ha ha
I played a bit with the fun and goofy ladies of Plain Digital Wrapper tonight in their Saturday chats.  These woman are just the most down to earth ladies!
I decided to start a mutiny over at ScrapBook Graphics, and since no one really reads this thread, I would share my dastardly deed.  They are having one of those forum games, A is for, B is for...etc.  They are on girls names now, so I am coming up with some doozies!  Come and join the fun!!
Life is fun!  Never lose your joy, and if you have an over abundance of joy, spread it around!!
If you would like to see me in complete cuteness, well as cute as one can get in a size 18, pop over to my OTHER blog.


Julie (It is.) said...

Absolute and complete cuteness!

And I love the layout!

Chris said...

I had to comment to let you know another read this thread! Love the layout and to think I also have those stitches in that kit. I should look through those kits more often. I'm also trying to clean up my stash of digital stuff, but most of what I have, I bought because I really liked it, so have a hard time.