Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We interupt school for some fun!!

The homeschool group we are in joined up with a promotion Six Flags does for Reading. It is called Read to Succeed.   Read to Succeed is a FREE educational program from Six Flags that encourages kids to read for fun. . Students in grades K-6 can earn free admission tickets to Six Flags.  The Six Flags by us is called Discovery Kingdom!  Our family earned 3 student tickets and 1 teacher ticket!  I am one classroom! Isn't that coolest thing!??  Then another family in the homeschool group were unable to use theirs and they blessed us with them!  Due to our dear Anna breaking her arms the first day of summer, we had to wait til those pesky casts came off!  We went the last Thursday before the tickets expired! Perfect, the park was not crowded and it was a lovely cool day.  Vallejo, California is a whole lot chillier than up here in Yuba City!
The girls were so darn excited!  I can always tell when they are nervous, in an excited way, they hold hands!!
There was a whole lot to see, dolphins, penguins, tigers, and other animals.  They touched mata rays.
I think the place is nice, it was exciting.  The rides are the big attraction.  They are extreme rides or their are kid rides.  I was all pumped up to ride some rides.  I enjoyed roller coasters as a teen!! 
We went on the Roar- The Roar features a 10-story-high opening drop, then builds up to speeds of up to 50 mph. It is a wooden roller coaster, and it hurt me! BAD!  I ached!  So that was my last ride! ha ha...Gabriel was with me, and the poor thing, it traumatized him also.  Tony and Eric were ready for more! Here is the description of the next ride Tony and Mr. E went on:

Get strapped in and fly the fast track on V2: Vertical Velocity, the first coaster of its kind on the West Coast. V2: Vertical Velocity is a suspended spiraling impulse coaster that uses an advanced electromagnetic propulsion system to launch riders at speeds of up to 70 mph in less than four seconds

This it them on the actual ride!  I was ready to puke watching them!! You can see the height of the wooden roller coaster next to it!  That was insane. Eric was scared and a bit nervous waiting in line, but he liked it!  Tony loved it! I tell you I never knew this about my husband!  He is a bit of a thrill seeker!
Not the best pic, but he is so darn cute!! We went on a water ride, okay two of them...they were fun and the whole family went together.  Remember I mentioned it is cooler in Vallejo? Yeah it was like 70-75 degrees, the water that hits you is probably 50 of course doesn't spray your arms, but as you huddle forward on the ride, it washes up behind you and shoots right down the back of your pants!  Oh we were soaked to the skin.  Cold and in desperate need of something to eat or drink.
We wisely bought the all day drink (one and shared) for $12.99! Yeah, that is the price! aaaaaaah!!

Then sat in the sun to watch the dolphin show and eat popcorn! The show was grand!  The kids really, really, really all love dolphins.  
 My pics are okay, but if you want to see better ones, go to the Six Flags site! lol,
We were still wet, so we traversed to the tiger show, which was a bit strange.  The trainers use these glopping red meat slabs, and the tigers run to them and such.  The cool part is, that tigers go in water!! They actually eat under water.  The trainers threw the meat in the water and there is glass, and you can see them underwater eating the slab of food.

Pretty nasty eh? Not my pic, but you get the idea.  The white tiger was cool, the other tiger didn't really want to play that day, and it made Tony and me feel a bit weird.  This man is standing next to this beast that can take down an animal with one swipe of it's massive paw...just strange is all I am saying.
The men were ready for more scary rides, so they did a few more, than Gabriel got brave and went on one, and then Abby went on one too!  I was very proud of her.  Anna for a strange reason, perhaps, that roller coaster of years ago, harmed her pyschie? lol  
We were headed out, and Six Flags has some games that you pay extra for, just a word to the wise, Six Flags has a whole lot you pay extra for!! But our tickets were free, so yeah Six Flags, Read to Succeed, so you can afford to do the other things! bha ha ha
They have this climb this rope and win a prize...all 4 gave it a whirl, in order of appearance:
G-man-whom I thought was gonna make it:
Nope- So Abby giggled and did she make it???????
Nope!  Then Annabo, who made me kinda cringe, just a few weeks out of those casts.  Would she be able to master the rope ladder?
oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! She fell.   Eric was trying so hard to be cool, but have fun at the same time, he did have fun, and oh he was almost, almost.....
and then he flipped.  Look at that face...ha ha
We collected our participation prizes, each receiving a red stuffed snake.  That made them so darn happy for some reason! We filled up our coveted cup of soda (Abby has it in her hand, the day glow green cup) and began the trek back to our van.  Trek, seriously, I think it is about 2 miles to the vehicles!  
We went and had some fun food at Ihops!  Nothing like a plate of carbs after being soaked to the skin all day!  Then a quick 20 minute drive to my parents house in Napa for the evening. My Dad and Mom are at the coast for the summer, so it is just us there!  It was nice to be able to get comfy and relax that quick.  There is no way I could have driven 2 hours home.
It was fun, the jury is still out if we would go again.  But some memories were made, and a summer disappeared again!


Keri Jo Wohlwend said...

This looks like a really fun place. Maybe someday we'll come vacation there too!

A said...

Six flags water rides are the best