Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tangie Baxter is a powerhouse of energy, ideas and creative thoughts that keep a girl moving!  I love it, figuring out ways to organize this and that, along with stream lining my life to jell with the new life of personal secretary, aka woman at arms.  I think I am just a few extra arms for the amazement of Tangie Baxter.  One of the perks working for her, is playing in her store.  Oh my, oh my! 
This was her latest kit: Tempest Tossed
 This kit is so full of emotions that will go from one end of the spectrum to the next.  I played just for the sake of playing and came up with this little card:
anneofalamo The beach scene looks so much like Bodega Head, I was in awe!!  I love blending Tangie's papers, and just learning what happens when I click a button!
I am also re-entering the Art Journey Caravan, and this weeks provisions made me do something, well, almost made me...tell my girls the facts of life, I am getting closer!
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 33}

Today is the day, as mom I get to tell you the mysteries of life. I have put this off all year, knowing it is like a big step to tell you. I missed the opportunity so many times. Okay, so maybe I can just wait until tomorrow. This is not an easy thing for me to explain. We watched a documentary on birds and it was so cool, and then the bird fluttered real quick on the female bird. I should have said something then...argh.....I will tell you both, eventually
I promise


alamama said...

"fluttering birds" are never easy to explain. you'll do good.

TheFoleyFive said...

"fluttered real quick on the female bird"
BAD BIRD! NO NO! SHEESH! hahahaha..oh my...what I have to look forward to...cue the bee movie anne...and keep em' comin. ha.

Julie (It is.) said...

Anne, dear. There's an awful lot of birds in this entry. Are you undergoing a change of heart?

As for the fluttering birds, I took the "chicken" way out and got a very matter of fact book at the Bible Bookstore :D It did the presenting and we talked about it afterward.