Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunsets in the Pacific

I am addicted to sunsets. Perhaps due to living in New Mexico for so many years and seeing so many different and spectacular sunsets!?!
There is something about watching the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean that just brings happiness and almost awe to me.
We drove a few minutes from the bay to the Pacific. I took this was so clear and bright...looked like a professional pic to me! ha haMy kids had never been there, and I don't know, we have been to the bay so many times. They were also transfixed by the power of the Pacific.
Although Lewis & Clark didn't come here on their trip, they did see the Pacific a few hundrend miles north of us in Oregon/Washington. We are studying them and the kids were in awe.This is a sheer cliff off here, and it made me so nervous to have them stand here!
The next few pics are standing on the cliff watching the sun go down. The whole sky becomes so beautiful.


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